Famrut Features

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Famrut can automate alerts for each phase of your crop lifecycle for seeding stage, vegetative stage, fertilizing, spraying, watering and harvesting.

Soil & Crop
Health Monitoring

Using cameras and sensors, we can measure the soil nutrients, keep track of plant growth, height, detect diseases, identify produce, predict yield and much more.

Species Management
(Recognition & Breeding)

Using data and technology, we can recognize plant species by building probability models that would predict which genes contain beneficial traits.


To protect your crops from unpredictable weather, Famrut will give you an alert to watch out for weather conditions to help protect your crops.

Predictive Analytics
of Market Prices

Famrut can fetch real time data from your geographical location in order to show you minimum and maximum prices of all local crops.

Forums & Media

Using forums, farmers can upload pictures or videos to find solutions and thereby strengthen their community.


Current Challenges

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  • Lack of awareness about leveraging emerging technology for smart farming and automation.
  • Unpredictable weather conditions due to climate change causing huge losses in production.
  • Large amount of manual labour needed for farming practices such as plant disease detection, irrigation, yield prediction and safe storage of produce.
  • Lack of management of resources such as water, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
  • Lack of access to market prices, supply chain and logistics information.

Famrut Ecosystem

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Famrut aims to connect farmers with resources such as

  • Agro Business (Seller)
  • Banks & Credit Society
  • Farmers Society / Community (Sampark)
  • Crops Insurance
  • Govt. Schemes assistance
  • Agro Businesses (Buyers)
  • Agro Services: Labs, Logistics etc.
  • Agronomists

Digital Agriculture using AI/ML and IOT Technologies

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